hi there!

Hi! My name is Bette. I’m a Scorpio, I have 4 kids, and my husband is in the Air Force.

I started this blog a few years ago as a recipe blog but have been increasingly been enjoying writing about “stuff.”  I’m an expert at absolutely nothing, but I love cooking, pop culture, fitness, natural health and beauty, wine, bike rides, and (my) kids. It felt a little limiting to only do food.  

I’m also a skeptic and a smart ass.

I collect vintage dishes. My favorite color to decorate with is grey. Favorite for wearing is green, purple, or grey.

Favorite foods are buffalo wings, birthday cake, nachos, and really thick red wine like zin or cab. Or if I’m talking to a healthy person, I love chopped kale salad with avocado, steamed salmon, and mangoes.  (I actually love all of those foods, but it’s all about balance, and I’m not pretending I always pick the right choice, hence my battle with controlling my weight.)

I love juicy chick lit, tv shows, and movies.  My favorites are Desperate Housewives, Big Little Lies, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (quite a theme).

I live near the beach on the eastern seaboard and love it here.  I believe that best friends often end up being closer than family.

Thanks for visiting! Please tell me in the comments if there’s something you don’t like or would like more of (this is to all my 30 faithful readers lol).